Are you looking to add other types of fowl to your flock this year in addition to chicks? Acorn Creek and McMurray Hatchery are thrilled to offer you the chance to order other types of select poultry with lower than normal minimums AND local pick-up here in Tennessee. See below for details on this exciting opportunity:

  • Click here to pre-order turkey poults and guinea keets through Acorn Creek Farmstead. 
  • All fowl orders must be picked up at Acorn Creek in Waynesboro, TN, on Thursday, June 1, 2023. Customers with pre-paid orders will be contacted with pick-up information and directions. Sorry, at this time other dates are not available. 
  • Turkey poult varieties available include Murray’s Broad-Breasted Bronze, Murray’s Broad-Breasted Giant White, Murray’s Artisan Black, and Murray’s Midget White turkeys. We recommend a minimum of 3 turkeys per purchase.
  • Pearl Guinea keets are also available through this offer. We recommend 5 guineas per purchase.

Looking for ducks, geese, or other fowl? Please add your name to our waiting list for alerts as we add more options.

Waterfowl waiting Lists:

Turkey poults and Pearl Guinea keets are sold as unsexed, straight run only. Payment must be received in advance to ensure order confirmation. Orders must be placed no later than April 24, 2023, to be eligible for this event. Sorry, we cannot add other breeds or types of poultry or fowl not listed in this promotion. All sales are final, with no refunds.