Hereford Pigs – Available 2023

Acorn Creek Farmstead is proud to raise Hereford pigs, a  breed which the Livestock Conservancy has deemed “a natural choice for a variety of small-scale production systems.”

Herford hogs do well when raised on pasture or semi-confined.

Hereford Pigs

Our team of pasture-raised Hereford pigs are under the canopy of the forest, allowing them the opportunity to root, bask in the sun, and wallow in the mud. The hogs raised at Acorn Creek are not only a sustainable meat source, they also work the land and live a very pleasant life here on the farm.

We at the farm cannot speak highly enough about this particular breed of hog:

  • Established in 1925, this hog originated from crossing the Duroc/Red Jersey over a Poland China hog.
  • Hereford pigs are a medium-sized hog, and are typically ready to be butchered between 5 to 6 months of age, weighing between 200 to 250 pounds.
  • Their docile nature and medium size makes them excellent for 4H and FFA projects.
  • Hereford hogs do well on pasture or in a confined area.
  • Sows make excellent mothers, farrowing litters of 8 to 12 piglets.
  • A mature sow can weigh roughly 600 pounds, while a boar weighs around 800 pounds.


Acorn Creek will be offering our Hereford piglets as:

  • Feeder pigs: This option is ideal for those who do not wish to raise hogs year round, but opt to raise feeders seasonally for meat.
  • Pasture raised pigs: our hogs will be available whole or half. Acorn Creek will transport them to the butcher for you. Buyer pays all butcher fees.
  • Breeding stock: if you are seeking to raise swine on the homestead, this is the breed for you. We are here to help you set up your own breeding program by providing vigorous, quality stock.

Feel free to contact us for pricing on our feeder pigs, pasture raised meat, and breeding stock hogs.

Available 2023

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