How to Place Your Chicken Order

The team at McMurray Hatchery has made the process quite simple!

  • To ensure that your order reaches our farm in time, all orders be placed by midnight on March 1st, 2023
  • Visit to place your order
  • For orders of 6+ chicks, place your order on the McMurray Hatchery website
  • Use the code AcornCreek2023 in the shopping cart page, this will tag your order for the Acorn Creek event and allow you to bypass the minimum order. Please note your chicks will NOT ship US Mail and can only be picked up at Acorn Creek on the day of the event
  • For those wanting to purchase FEWER THAN 6 CHICKS, the McMurray Hatcher team will have chicks to purchase available AT THE EVENT. We recommend a minimum of 4 when raising baby chicks. Chicks for purchase at the event will be first come first serve, and cash only.
  • If you need assistance placing your order or finding birds for this specific date contact McMurray Hatchery at 800-456-3280, Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm Central

Please note, the code provided above can be used multiple times from now through March 1, 2023.