Some will say the family milk cow is the matriarch or queen of every homestead or farm. Regardless of her official title, one thing is very true: she will feed every living being on your property, including the garden and compost pile. 

A family milk cow provides your family with dairy items usually purchased from your local market – soft and hard cheeses, yogurt, butter, whipped cream, ice cream, cream cheese, and buttermilk. In addition to the items you will be able to craft, unpasteurized raw milk is one of the healthiest items to consume as it is packed with a great source of calcium, iron, Vitamins A, D, and K, phosphorus, zinc, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. But let’s not forget the plethora of beneficial enzymes and probiotics.

You do not need convincing about why a family milk cow would benefit your family.  What you seek is the ability to ensure the newest member of your homestead is cared for by the best means possible.

Meet your Instructors

Ann Accetta-Scott and Janelle Anderson are seasoned dairy cow owners. Both raise Jersey cows and are extremely passionate about what milk cows can add to the homestead. In addition, both lady farmers believe that a successful relationship with your cow starts with solid bovine husbandry and a clear vision of what can be achieved with the gallons of milk you will receive. Allow us to make your journey into keeping a family milk cow seamless.

  • Acorn Creek Farmstead
  • Ann Accetta-Scott

We began farming to provide a clean food source for our family. However, it has morphed into something more significant. Acorn Creek Farmstead is now known as a teaching farm that feeds the community and has become a refuge for those seeking food freedom. The farm offers clean meat options, pasture-raised eggs, raw milk, home-canned goods, and fermented foods. In addition, the farm allows others to raise meat rabbits, feeder pigs, poultry, and Nigerian goats. Justin and Ann believe in empowering others by offering hands-on workshops teaching traditional life skills to those who seek to live a more traditional life. 

  • The Haven Homestead
  • Janelle Anderson

The Haven Homestead was started on raw land in the fall of 2022 with these guiding principles: to be a “Haven” for others when needed and to provide food grown and raised with sustainable farming practices. Ben and Jennelle traded a beef cattle ranch in Western North Dakota for a homestead in middle Tennessee. The Haven Homestead has committed to raising quality meat options, raw milk, and eggs for themselves and others while improving soil quality.  The Andersons invite you to the Haven Homestead to view their animal-raising practices and share the lifestyle they love. 

Online Course Curriculum

The Modern Homestead Milkmaid Course is an extensive online course and mentorship program. This online course allows you to learn independently, covering over 25 hours of lessons in five months. 

  • Enjoy the monthly course in video form, allowing you to learn at your pace
  • Monthly live mentorship time with Ann and Janelle through Zoom
  • Printable curriculum for each month’s lesson 
  • Bonus hands-on training videos

This online course is like no other. This one course will give you everything you need to know about keeping a family milk cow. But that’s not all! You will have access to this course and the opportunity to use it as a reference for as long as needed.

  • Selecting your cow based on your family’s needs – milk production, a2 casein genetics, cheesemaking, grass or grain-fed
  • Bovine diseases, potential health risks, and identifying illnesses
  • Natural or conventional treatment
  • Fencing, housing, feed options, and pasture health
  • Breeding, calving, and freshening
  • The decision to hand or machine milk
  • When to dry up your cow, preventative care, and a difficult topic, when to cull your cow
  • And much more! 

Upon completing the online course and mentorship, you will have gained the knowledge and the confidence to bring your family milk cow home! 

Here’s what people are saying about The Modern Homestead Milkmaid Course

I came away from Ann’s workshop feeling like I could confidently set out to purchase a cow, bring it home, and successfully take care of it. Learning how to make butter, cheese, and yogurt hands-on was also great, as it is way easier to do than I would’ve thought now that I know how. I am so grateful for the dozens (it certainly feels like dozens!) of resources I came away from this workshop with – so much valuable information! – Justine K.

I researched for a long time before we moved to land and brought home our first dairy cow. My brain was full of tidbits of information stored and scattered everywhere. Ann and Janelle’s intensive milkmaid workshop really put the whole puzzle together for me. I am so, so grateful for what these ladies have done. – Jamie Fridge

Reserve your Spot

Reserve your spot to ensure you will be equipped and prepared to provide excellent husbandry to the queen of your homestead, your family milk cow. 

Available Courses and Mentorship Sessions for 2024:

Please note this online course and mentorship program has limited space. Secure your spot today!

  • February through June 2024
  • Monthly Online Course and Mentorship Cost
  • $200.00 when paid in full, or
  • $55.00 monthly subscription
  • August through December 2024 (enrollment opens June 1, 2024)
  • Monthly Online Course and Mentorship Cost
  • $200.00 when paid in full, or
  • $55.00 monthly subscription

Join us for the hands-on Milkmaid Maker’s Workshop

Those who reserve their spot for the online course can reserve their spot for the hands-on Milkmaid Maker’s Workshop at a discounted rate before sharing it with the general public.

This 4-hour bucket-to-table workshop will teach you how to create by-products of the main product. Together, we will craft and taste the following items:

  • Butter, yogurt, buttermilk, cream, ice cream, cream cheese
  • Soft and hard cheeses
  • Preserving and storing the whey

In addition to the maker’s portion of this hands-on workshop, you will learn the necessary tools and cultures to create the above dairy goods.

Your spot for the maker’s workshop can be reserved when you book the online course.