Acorn Creek Farmstead is not only home to us, but a learning center for those who seek to achieve food freedom by owning their food source.

With the homesteading movement on the rise there are many families entering this life without any background in homesteading or farming. We understand this drive to own your food source better than most, as we were once where you are at now. 

In a short 9 year period, with hours upon hours of research and mentorship from farmers and homesteaders worldwide, we are now in a position to teach you what you will need to know to successfully eat clean by raising and growing your own food. More importantly, you will gain the confidence needed to move forward in living a traditional homesteading life.

At Acorn Creek we believe strongly in the following practices –

  • regenerative, traditional farming
  • a chemical free lifestyle for self, home, garden, and livestock
  • being good stewards to the land and livestock
  • consuming and preserving foods which we’ve raised and grew
  • from scratch cooking 
  • consuming natural probiotics through fermented foods and drink for optimal health
  • living a quiet and simple life

When you visit the farm you will learn the importance of proper infrastructure and how it plays into being a good steward to your livestock and land. Regardless of the amount of land you own we will teach you how to maximize the space by selecting the best livestock to raise for and how to maximize your garden space. 

Through the labor of your hard work, there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to preserve the harvest. Here, at Acorn Creek, you will have the opportunity to fine tune your homesteading skill through the many hands-on workshops being offered on the farm –

  • poultry processes
  • preserving the harvest through pressure, hot water bath, and steam canning
  • raising pigs – forest to table
  • establish good gut health through fermented foods and beverages
  • soapmaking
  • raising rabbits for meat 
  • raising dairy animals
  • sustainable gardening goals

In the last few years we have seen what can happen when we rely on others to feed and care for us. It’s time for you to reclaim your right to care for yourselves. There is no better time to learn the necessary skills needed to own your food source than now. 

The workshops and tours held at our farm will provide you the confidence needed to feed your family year round. Allow us to help you achieve your goals.

Happy Homesteading! 

Justin and Ann Scott