Leave the business of the world behind and enter the slower pace of living that our farm life has to offer. Join us at a place where roosters crow, donkeys,bray, and cows moo. Enjoy walking the garden feeds not only the family who cares for it but also the livestock on the farm. Discover how one family walked away from the hurry of the world and reclaimed a more simple and traditional way of living.

We wish you to experience this, even for a short time.

The Guest House at Acorn Creek

We’ve opened our farm for those seeking to sample a simpler and more traditional way of life, even if it’s for a few nights.

Plan your Stay

The schedule of a farmer is always a busy one. For this reason, the availability of the guest house is as follows:

  • Guest must book at least three nights, with the arrival starting on Thursday and departure on Sunday. 
  •  Hands-on workshop attendees may reserve the little farmhouse for at least one evening. The stay may begin the evening before the workshop or the day of the workshop. 
  •  We offer guests the opportunity to reserve the guest house outside the allocated days mentioned. Please send your inquiry to Ann at ann@afarmgirlinthemaking@gmail.com.

Our guest house sleeps up to 5 people. However, we understand large families as we have one ourselves! Please do not hesitate to contact us about accommodations for families with more than five individuals.

Acorn Creek Farmstead

The farm not only raises and grows food for our family but also raises and grows food for the community. It is also a teaching farm. Acorn Creek Farmstead teaches individuals how to become more sustainable in life. During your stay, consider reserving a spot at one of our many hands-on workshops here at the farm. Choose from the following workshops:

  • Hot Water Bath and Steam Canning
  • Pressure Canning
  • Poultry Processing
  • Fermentation
  • Natural Herbal Remedies
  • Farmhouse Sourdough
  • Farm/Infrastructure Tour, which includes time with the livestock
  • Private hands-on workshop held at the guest house

Farm to Table

There is nothing that makes us happier than being able to feed people. Especially food grown, raised, or baked here on the farm. We would be honored if you allowed us to stock the refrigerator at the guest house during your stay.

In addition to supplying you with fresh farm foods, we have added items to the pantry from local small businesses in the area.

Once you have finalized your stay at the farm, keep an eye out for an email confirming your reservation. The email will contain the information you need for your visit, including a link to shop our online farm store.

Reserve your Stay

If you are ready to step back and explore a more traditional and simple way of living, join us; we’d be happy to have you!

Stay Up to Date

I would consider the Guest House at Acorn Creek to be something other than a one-time booking. You see, the farm and the guest house will continue to grow and change. Each year, growth will occur to better the people who reside here, the guests who visit the farm, the livestock who graze its pastures, and the garden that continues to blossom. You will leave the farm with a full heart and desire to return. And before you know it, you will not be guests on the farm but instead friends.

Join our email list for the inside scoop on special events at the farm and even discounted rates during the slow season. Why? Because everyone deserves time to get away.