With 70% of your body’s immune system running through your gut, it is essential to keep it healthy. How do you achieve this? By feeding it live probiotics and prebiotics daily. Keep this in mind, if you do not manage your health, your government will. 

What does feeding your gut look like? It’s quite simple, consume fermented foods and beverages daily. I know some of you may frown on this because you have tried fermented items from your local market and disliked the flavor. 

Let me assure you, by making fermented beverages, krauts, and pickled items at home, the flavor can be customized to your and your family’s liking. Keep in mind, only a small amount of fermented food or beverage needs to be consumed daily to keep your gut flora thriving. 

The Kombucha Brewing Workshop for Beginners

If you have purchased kombucha from your local market you will have noticed that it is often quite tart in flavor. This may or may not be to your liking. When brewing this beverage at home you get to control how long the kombucha brew will ferment. 

Eight years ago I struggled with getting my family to consume kombucha. They disliked the tart flavor of the brew, and quite frankly, would not consume it unless I transformed it into a flavored beverage. Here are some questions that I am sure you have::

  • How do I get my family on board with consuming kombucha daily?
  • How much should they be consuming?
  • Does kombucha contain alcohol?
  • Why is there so much sugar in a kombucha brew? 
  • Can I substitute the sugar for honey?

Workshop Curriculum 

  • Learn how to keep your SCOBY healthy and happy and how to properly store it
  • Become a pro at brewing raw kombucha
  • Create kombucha flavors your family will enjoy through a second ferment
  • Master how to create carbonation for a fizzy beverage
  • Taste test homemade raw kombucha brew and enjoy a second ferment flavored with seasonal goods

By the end of this hands-on workshop, you will have the confidence needed to begin brewing your kombucha in the comfort of your home! My parting gift to you is your very own kombucha starter and 1 cup of kombucha raw brew to begin making your own at home. 

Book a Hands-on Workshop

  • June 10th, 2023
  • 11 am to 12:30 pm
  • Workshop Cost – $40.00

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