The journey to living a chemical-free life begins with you. However, herbal medicine is no longer commonly practiced and is considered a lost art. This makes it difficult for those who seek to learn this necessary skill. Taking control of your food source is necessary to consume a clean food source, much like herbalism is necessary for those who seek to treat ailments more naturally.

Ask yourself these questions:

How do you help keep your family healthy? How can you treat a burn or a bug bite naturally? Do you know the best natural regimen to help reduce inflammation, upset stomach, or even fatigue?

If you are unsure of the answers to the questions above, this workshop is for you.

Salves and Tinctures

Salves are some of the oldest solutions humans used to help with itching, dryness, wound care, and pain management. They are generally made up of fresh or dried herbs, oil, and wax. The herbs are steeped in the oil for some time. Once the steeping process is complete a small amount of the oil infusion is added to hot wax and then left to set.

Tinctures on the other hand only began being used around 1000 AD when alcohol began being distilled by the ancient Egyptians. Tinctures are an easy way to pull the medicinal properties out of the plant in highly concentrated form. 

Both of these medicinal options are incredibly helpful skills to have when approaching a more natural lifestyle. 

In this Workshop

This hands-on salves and tinctures workshop will not only lay out the groundwork you need but help you to feel comfortable as you begin your herbal journey. 

In this workshop you will:  

  • Understand the science behind creating salves and tinctures
  • Build your apothecary with the necessary supplies
  • Discover whether to use fresh or dried herbs, select the best carrier, and determine the correct percentage for each ingredient 
  • Learn how to safely use salves and tinctures

Each workshop participant will be taking home a salve and a tincture with instructions on how to properly use them. 

Meet your Instructor 

Acorn Creek Farmstead is excited to announce that Jenefer Achondo of Little Homestead in the Hills will be your instructor for the Herbal Immune Boosting Workshop. Here’s a little about Jenefer’s background:

Jenefer attended The Herbal Academy, Clinical Herbalism program and has been studying herbalism for the last 8 years. During this time she apprenticed under a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Master Herbalist. Jenefer’s goal is not only to keep her family healthy but to also help others reclaim their health in the most basic and natural ways possible. 

You can follow Jenefer’s journey as a homesteader and herbalist on social media and through her website. Look for her on Instagram under @littlehomesteadinthehills, or her website at Little Homestead in the Hills.

Book a Hands-on Workshop

Join us in learning how to boost your immune system and keep it healthy during the cold and flu season! 

Space is limited for this hands-on workshop. Reserving your spot now ensures that you are on the path to living a more natural life.

  • March 11, 2023
  • 11 AM-2 PM
  • Workshop Cost- $60.00

Feel free to contact us with any questions: