How to Establish a Functioning Homestead

Homesteading is hard, and at times overwhelming, especially for those who are new to the lifestyle. Allow us to help you simplify your journey by providing you with a guided infrastructure tour of our farm.

Pasture rotation not only benefits the earth but the animals as well.

When we purchased the land on which our farm now sits, it was grazed by beef cattle and horses. The pastures were overgrazed and invasive vegetation had begun creeping in. In a short period of time, the property was transformed, overgrazed pasture and all, into a sustainable homestead. We decided to name this beautiful reclaimed piece of land Acorn Creek Farmstead.

The dedicated amount of work which we’ve put into the farm allows us to achieve food freedom and consume the bounty of our harvest throughout the year. The state of our worldwide food source is not getting better, but instead drastically worse, making it necessary for many to raise, grow, and preserve as much of their own food as possible. 

During the tour we will cover:

  • Livestock selection
  • Fencing
  • Water
  • Pasture rotation
  • Multi-species grazing
  • Structures
  • A sustainable garden, orchard, berry batch
  • Goal planning
  • How to make a profit from your homestead

What better way to streamline your homesteading journey by learning what took us 8 years to achieve. No two homesteads run identically, take what you’ve learned from our farm and modify it to the needs of your homestead.

The end goal is to be good stewards to our land and animals while feeding ourselves.

Utilizing a reliable water source while pigs are on pasture or in the forest is a great way to execute infrastructure.

Learn More about Booking your Tour

This guided tour will allow you the opportunity to ask questions as they arise. We want you to walk away with the knowledge needed to transform your property into a fully functioning and sustainable homestead. We want to help you make sure that your property will allow you to achieve food freedom, as well as potentially bring in a small income.

We are excited to announce all infrastructure tours will be open for booking starting January 2023!

Please note, you will want to book your tour early, as there will only be two tours available each month between April to September.

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