Nigerian Dwarf Goats – Available 2023

Goats are a wonderful multipurpose animal for any homestead. Not only do they provide milk, but they can also be used to clear and maintain the land, and can be raised for meat.

Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats make an excellent addition to any homestead or farm.

Our small herd of registered Nigerian Dwarfs come from a phenomenal milk line. The butterfat found in our goat’s milk is quite high and beyond delicious. Whether you are looking to bring a doe, buck, or wether onto your homestead, you will want to start by taking a look at our herd. 

Goat Milk

Dairy goats are ideal for those who homestead on smaller acreage, or for those who are simply not ready to incorporate a dairy cow. You will not regret bringing these small dairy animals onto your property, as there are many uses for goat’s milk:

  • Drinking
  • Cheese
  • Homemade goat’s milk soap
  • Butter
  • Ice cream
  • Yogurt

Nigerian Dwarf goats are known to have the highest butterfat content than other goat breeds. Is this important? For cheesemaking it is! The higher the butterfat within the milk, the more cheese can be produced per gallon of milk. This makes Nigerian Dwarfs an ideal dairy animal for those interested in cheesemaking.

The Herd

Though our herd is small, it is mighty. Our focus at Acorn Creek is to not raise goats for breeding purposes, but to keep us in milk when our A2 Jersey cow is dried up. This allows us the opportunity to offer kids to those who are interested in starting, or adding to, their own dairy herd.

Available 2023

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