Hands-on Rabbit Processing Workshop

Depending on the breed, a rabbit can produce an average of 300 pounds of meat per year. This means that a small herd, consisting of 1 buck and two does, can have an average of 600 pounds of meat per year. 

Rabbits are ideal for small or large homesteads, especially if you seek to create a sustainable life. Raising a rabbit to 3 months old (fryer – young rabbit) will cost you roughly $4.50 to $6.50 per rabbit. This figure is calculated based on the rabbit breed and the current cost of the pellet feed.

In addition to raising rabbits for meat, it is essential to note that rabbit manure and urine are excellent options for gardens, berry patches, and orchards. The hide can also be tanned for lining gloves and coats or as a chew toy for your pets. 

Rabbit Butchering Workshop

With raising rabbits, one must master the skill of humanely dispatching them. This process can be challenging for many, and we understand! 

Workshop Curriculum

The class not only offers you the skills needed to raise rabbits for meat, but you will also have the opportunity to tour our farm’s rabbitry. See firsthand how we raise enough rabbits to feed our family for a year.

Let us teach you how to quickly and humanely dispatch, eviscerate, and package rabbits for the freezer.

During this hands-on workshop session, you will learn the following:

  • Breed selection
  • Feed options
  • Breeding
  • Methods for dispatching
  • How to skin and excavate
  • Identify internal health issues
  • Package for long-term storing 
  • Tips for cooking, canning, and sausage making

Make sure to bring a cooler, as you will take home the rabbit you have processed.

Book a Hands-on Workshop

We are happy to share that we can offer a rabbit processing class to the 2022 schedule! Come rain or shine, this hands-on rabbit butchering class will take place.

Available hands-on workshop date for 2023:

Space is limited for this hands-on workshop. Reserve your spot now to ensure you are on the path to achieving food freedom.

  • June 17, 2023
  • 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Cost – $ 60.00