Farm Kids Field Trip

Acorn Creek is a learning center for all ages, including aspiring farm kids! The ability to teach children how to become good stewards of the land and animals is a true blessing. This is what we teach during our Farm Kid Field Trip tours.

Learn to become a good steward to become a good steward to the land and animals by attending a scheduled farm kids field trip.

All field trips will be led by Ann, a previous teacher turned homesteader. Prior to homesteading, Ann was blessed with the opportunity to teach at a Christian preschool in Washington state for 10 years. Today, she continues to follow her calling to teach others, but the students are older, and the curriculum is much different.

The field trips held at Acorn Creek are catered to school-aged children between the ages of 5 to 15, and each visit offers hands-on learning opportunity. During the 3 hour trip to the farm, the honorary farm kids will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet the livestock
  • Collect eggs
  • Spend time in the garden 
  • Create a seasonally based project to take home

Schedule extra time to enjoy a picnic under the beautiful oak tree in our pasture prior to leaving the farm. There is  nothing more enjoyable than listening to the livestock say their goodbyes before heading home!

Depending on the age of the child, canning classes can be offered for all who attend a farm kids field trip on Acorn Creek Farmstead.

Learn More about Booking your Tour

All Farm Kid Field Trips are ideal for small groups, allowing the children the opportunity to maximize their time spent on the farm. Please note, the maximum number of children per group is 10.

We are excited to announce all field trips will be open for booking starting January 2023!

Keep in mind, you’ll want to book your tours early as there will only be two Farm Kid Field Trips available each month from April to October.