Standard Rex Rabbits

The decision to raise rabbits as a meat source is challenging for many. It is frowned upon by many Americans as consuming rabbit for meat is not enjoyed in the US as it is worldwide.  

Raising standard Rex rabbits for meat is ideal for homesteads of all sizes.

For 9 years, we raised standard American Chinchillas and Harlequin rabbits. The bone-to-meat ratio for these two breeds was perfect and allowed a substantial amount of meat to be harvested.  However, our move to Tennessee has allowed us to try a new breed of rabbit, the Rex. 

Rex Rabbit

The Rex rabbit is a true dual-purpose breed, prized for its stunning pelt and good meat. The velveteen pelt is ideal for crafters, though there is more to this rabbit breed: 

  • The bone-to-meat ratio is ideal, meaning you will receive more meat than bone per rabbit.
  • Females are excellent mothers and birth large litters, often between 6 to 10 kits. 
  • Once tanned, the pelt can be sold to crafters worldwide.
  • A rabbit at butchering is capable of weighing between 7 to 11 pounds. 

Purchase a Breeding Pair

Our rabbit herd comes from a registered line. However, we do not offer a registered line. Instead, we provide a line true to the breed standard in weight and body formation. In addition, we guarantee that the rabbits you receive are from an unrelated line and not inbred. 

Freshen your Herd’s Bloodline

For those looking to introduce a new bloodline to your existing herd, we offer the opportunity to purchase a single doe or buck. 

Join the Waitlist

As mentioned, we breed our rabbit herd twice a year, between mid-Winter to late-Summer. We ask that all interested parties join the waitlist (see the form at the bottom of this page) as the kits are distributed based on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Via email, you will be notified as to: 

  • When the does have birthed
  • Date the kits will be sexed
  • Estimated pick-up date
  • Deposit amount

Picking-up your Herd

A per-day feed charge will be added to your total if you cannot pick up your rabbits on the assigned date. The total cost per day is $5 for each rabbit.

Reserve your Rabbits

If you want to buy rabbits from us, we ask that you join the waitlist below. Our rabbits are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Unrelated Breeding Pair – 2 does, 1 buck
  • $150.00
  • Individual Rabbit – doe or buck
  • $55.00