Gather the Skills to Live a Sustainable Life

Many skills can be learned on the go, however, there are a few skills which are best learned with a partner alongside you. We at Acorn Creek understand this, and for this very reason we are offering hands-on workshops here on the farm.

Raising your own food source, such as chickens, is essential to living a homesteading life.

We will be releasing our 2023 Hands-on Workshop schedule beginning December 15, 2022! In addition to the workshops listed below, we have added 5 additional hands-on learning opportunities. Make sure to join our newsletter to keep up-to-date on the workshops, livestock, and farm store.

The skills needed to grow, raise, butcher, and preserve the harvest is often passed down from one generation to the next. Unfortunately, many newcomers to homesteading and farming do not have mentors to teach them the necessary skills needed to create a sustainable life. 

Hands-on Workshops

Acorn Creek Farmstead is proud to offer hands-on workshops for all who are in need of learning a specific skill. Each extensive workshop is guaranteed to leave you feeling empowered and educated, allowing you the opportunity to own your food source. 

We are excited to help you streamline your journey to achieving a sustainable, simple homesteading life in the modern world. 

2022 Hands-on Workshops

Acorn Creek Farmstead is not only home to Justin and Ann Scott, but a learning farm for individuals of all ages. Their mission is to teach individuals from all walks of life how to achieve food freedom.

In partnership with Ann’s online brand, A Farm Girl in the Making, Acorn Creek will be hosting various hands-on workshops. Join us and other like minded individuals and learn a new skill!

Canning | Hands-on Workshops

Part of living a sustainable life one means having the pleasure of consuming the year’s harvest throughout the winter months. What better way to do this than to put-up shelf stable foods? Foods which store well long-term. 

Whether you are just beginning or ready to learn more about pressure canning, we have the course for you. The skills you will acquire from our canning workshops will minimize trips to the market, allowing you to consume healthier ready to consume foods. 

In our Beginner’s Canning workshop you will learn how to make jams and jellies with honey as a sweetener, or utilize white wine vinegar in your pickled goods. Better yet, you will learn how to can your favorite soups, stews, and sauces. We will even cover how to can meat, beans, potatoes, and so much more. 

Learn more about the Canning Workshops:

Fermentation for Beginners | Hands-on Workshop

We at Acorn Creek Farmstead believe in the health benefits of consuming fermented foods and beverages daily. With 70% of the body’s immune system running through the gut, it is essential to assist it in functioning properly. In this beginner’s workshop you learn about the lost art of fermentation, make a seasonal ferment, and learn how to make fermented beverages that your family will enjoy.

Learn more about the Beginner’s Fermenting Workshop

Poultry Processing | Hands-on Workshop

There are many means for one to achieve food freedom, though none greater than raising your own meat. Whether you are living on 1 acre of 100, raising chicken for meat is a great starting point for those who seek a sustainable life. The poultry processing workshop not only teaches you how to process a chicken, it also teaches you which breed to raise, how to feed and house your birds, and more importantly, how to part and package the meat you have processed. 

Learn more about the Poultry Processing Workshop

Rabbit Processing | Hands-on Workshop

For many, the most difficult animals to raise for meat are rabbits. For this reason, Acorn Creek Farmstead is offering a rabbit processing workshop. Allow the team to teach you everything you need to know about raising rabbits, how to process them, and how to prepare easy, delicious meals.

Are you still on the fence about incorporating rabbits? Consider this, 1 breed team, a buck and two does, can roughly 600 pounds of meat a year. In addition to this, rabbit meat sells at top dollar, anywhere between $8.00 to $12.00 a pound.

Learn more about the Rabbit Processing Workshop

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